~ WaniTa SolehaH untuk LelaKI SoleH~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Never give up
Assalamualaikum w.b.t... answer it and you'll get merit (^^).  sorry 4 all beloved friends and readers especially my silent readers.. There are such a long time that I haven't post anything.. why?? Because of why?? the reason is I don't have any confidence.. I quite lost my confidence for everything since I have started my study back at IIUM.. And at this time I'm still trying to achieve success... Maybe you guys might give me some kind of advices ??? I will really appreciate it!!  

And seldom
My heart said....  :

I hope these tears will stop running someday
someday after this darkness clears up
I hope the warm sunshine dries these tears
when I feel that I'm getting tired
of seeing myself exhausted
I want to keep all the dreams
that I've kept so hard
every time I feel that I'm laking
in many things
most of them I don't have
I lost strength in my legs and drop down
everyday I hold out
comforting myself
it'll be okay
day by day it makes me feel
a little more afraid
I tell myself to believe in my own self
but I don't
now I don't know how much longer
I can hold out
but wait.. it'll come
and it'll come
although the night is long
the sun will come up
someday my painful heart will get well
I hope it helps me out now
I hope the God will help me
I don't have ANY confidence
anymore to comfort myself...

* Pray for me yaaaa.. thanks a lot for reading this