~ WaniTa SolehaH untuk LelaKI SoleH~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~Our Aim for RAMADHAN~

Assalamualikum w.b.t ( respond it first n you'll get merit for it! )

Alhamdulillah, then alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah again and again towards Allah.Because He often gives His unlimited loves for us without forgetting to change day to night everyday. And He never tried to stop the rotation of orbit.Eventhough we always do sins and mistakes. Allah never forget us.. but.. try asking yourself, are we keep remembering Allah??  Are we keep loving Him? Are we keep trying to be a good servant for Him? Are we keep changing ourselves better?? nay or yes??  never mind try to answer by yourselves..

 Today 19 Syaaban, 21 july 2011.. we only have 11 days till now to prepare for Ramadan coming soon. How about  our preparation and goals for Ramadan??

ok i wanna give you some ideas.. maybe it can help you..  :

~ recite alquran 30 juzuk (khatam alquran)
~make early preparation to perform solah (solah fardhu)
~perform solah sunat ba'diyyah and qabliyyah plus solat tarawih
~do solah dhuha (2 rakaat only each day)
~donate something good for Islam
~after or before sahur we might could commit solah tahajud

* wish me and you luck!

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