~ WaniTa SolehaH untuk LelaKI SoleH~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ConCept of SuccESS~ by me

“And there are men who says: “our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and shield us from the torment of the fire.” –Surah al-Baqarah: 201. I believe that everyone of us would like to get the most excellent for ourselves. I also want to get the best for my life. That’s why I always invoke to Allah with this Doa. I hope with this doa it would formulate me success. I also believe that everyone of us has the ability to succeed. If we do something with a big effort I strongly agree that he or she would success. I have my own concept of success which is If we do what we did yesterday we will be beaten, if we do what others are doing today we can be competitive, but if we fill everyday with initiative, we will be the best. This saying gives valuable meaning to me and I have made it as my concept of success.

Meaning from this sentence is if I do what went before, I would be the ordinary people who are not trying hard to enhancing my life. For instance, on the past, I got failure in one of my subject. Then, I never trying hard in pursuing higher level learning or I also never want to move or go forward. Hence, these will make me more pathetic and I might be failed one more time. From this I have to avoid myself from doing the same thing that might be beaten to me.

‘If we do what others are doing today, we could be competitive’ this saying also gives me spirit to get success. I often look towards successor where it would make me feel competitive and spirited to them. When I look over them, I will try to do the same thing or do better as I can. On the other hand, initiative in oxford dictionary brings meaning ‘the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for someone to tell you what to do.’ Thus, I should practice initiative to ensure me to perform only the best thing for myself. If I fulfill my day with initiative, I will be the best. As a conclusion, it’s hard to me to get success, but if I sacrifice for many things, success will comes true.
~reference : Najmil Faiz


  1. never give up even when life deals you blow!

  2. yupp.... no give up till the end of our life..
    tgh melatih diri u jd yg lebih baikk
    syukran a'alaik!