~ WaniTa SolehaH untuk LelaKI SoleH~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~

~SaHabAt AdaLaH SeJaRAh YAnG diKEnanG SepaNJang MAsA~


Friday, January 14, 2011


Saying goes “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” –George Barnand shaw,mrs warrens’s profession, 1893. This saying has made me more energetic to pursue my life and to get success. Eventhough occasionally, I always make mistake or cannot fulfill my target for several things. But I have tried to change my mind and I tend to learn from mistake because actually it can be man’s best teacher to me. Then, I have reflected it with my circumstances and try to find the best way to avoid from doing the same mistake.

I give the example of someone who had blamed their conditions. The example is, Ali cannot learn much in class because Ali often feels sleepy caused by lack of night sleep, hence he had slept in the class with hoping that he’ll study by himself after class. After he came back to his room he doesn’t study but also sleep all the time. This is what I mean people who are trying to blame their circumstances (sleepy) and finally they don’t get anything. Due to this I try to prevent myself from blaming my situation. There are four criteria or steps to success that I use it in my daily life. Firstly, it is clarity. I have to know where I will go. Be clear with what I want which is my goal. My goal is to success in this earth and in the hereafter. Hence I have to bear in my mind I ought to achieve these two things with my own effort. Secondly, it is about action and move on. It means, I must always move towards my goals.

To achieve it I have to be a discipline, strong, striving and struggling person. I know that it is too difficult actually to maintain all these characters. Thus, I need a mentor. A mentor is the one who’s success and has positive qualities that I like to emulate and follow. He or she is my private spiritual advisor and my personal ‘sifu’. Hence I often look up at my mentor for motivation and guide on my direction in life. My mentor actually is my beloved mother. She always giving me the right motivation and benefit advises when I need it. Thirdly, it is notice either my goals are working or not. It means, after I striving and struggling to achieve my success (goals). So, I tend to know what is my getting actually. Are there any positive feedback or otherwise?

The last criteria of success for me are keep changing approach. Meaning that, if I have got success in one of my aim, I couldn’t ever stop my action but keep trying to be better. Until I become truly successor and often pray for God to seek mardhotillah during and after trying to achieve my target. In conclusion, criteria of success are vital and very important to us. It will guide us to be more proactive and positive people in getting success.

REFERENCE : Najmil Faiz
idea dr Najmil Faiz n
olah sendiri ~ harap korang faham ap yang ana nk sampaikan

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